Holistic, customized project management

We believe in crafting furniture that's not only visually captivating but also meets the functional demands of each project. Through close dialogue with architects, interior designers, and designers, we bring your sketches and concepts to life with our in-house craftsmen, creating pieces that breathe life into spaces.


We optimally implement customer requirements

As a family company we live our values of reliability, trustworthiness and fairness and we stand out for short, transparent procedures, personal support and our broad range of services. We combine technical know-how, decades of expertise with a feeling for trends in design & object furniture.

Individual Solutions

REKO furniture blends durability with comfort and design, starting from the meticulous selection of premium materials to the precise craftsmanship of our upholstery artisans. This process gives life to highly individualized upholstered pieces, each standing out visually and delivering lasting pleasure.

In addition to manufacturing upholstered furniture, which enables us to customize the furniture to your design and special dimensions, we have an extensive network of various manufacturers and suppliers across Europe. This enables the individual production of metal furniture, such as tables and shelves, combining different materials according to drawings, extending beyond upholstered furniture.

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